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Product Code: cbsest-70rf

Premium Organic Single Estate Rosa Felis SAO TOME and PRINCIPE 81% cacao


Weight: 70 grams

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Premium Organic Single Estate Kubaly Nicaragua 81% cacao we feature is 100% vegan. plant-based. Organic. Natural. Gluten-free. Palm Oil-free. Dairy-free. Soy-free. Lecithin free. The cocoa bean are ethicaly sourced. With less sugar, low GI (glycemic index). This chocolate bar is Perfect for anyone with dietary restriction (except for those who have a chocolate allergy!).

Raw bean Aroma: Intense chocolaty, roasted cacao, fruity

Safety Information: Made in environment that handles nuts

Storage Instructions: Store in cool and dry place 13℃ to 22℃

Conception: Patisserie-Conseil Boutique-Laboratory

Laboratory information:  This product is made in 100% vegan plant-based organic laboratory

This organic certified cacao is from a cacao islands, it was the first trees arrived in 1819 and from then on the plantation cacao industry thrived. For some time the country was the biggest cacao producer in the world and was the first to produce the "black gold" in Africa. With a tropical climat rainfall and dry period, the farmers intercope premium cacao with a wide variety of food and cash crops. Only organic fertilizers and No pesticides.

This plant-based craft chocolate has an intense chocolaty taste flavour profile. Rich in roasted cacao and fruity notes, such as red forest fruits and peach with woody, herbal and nutty notes in the undertone.

Organic cocoa bean. Organic unrefined coconut palm sugar. Organic cacao butter. Celtic sea salt.