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Welcome to Patisserie Conseil

We are one of the very few 100% plant-based laboratory which makes craft organic bean-to-bar chocolate, starting from the cocoa bean through to the finished product. Throughout the process, we take special steps to ensure that the premium chocolate delivers our signature, intense, smooth-melting taste.

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Welcome to Patisserie Conseil

We are one of the very few 100% plant-based laboratory which makes craft organic bean-to-bar chocolate, starting from the cocoa bean through to the finished product.

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Single Estate Vintage Premium Chocolate with Personality

With our vintage chocolate, this is much healthier upgrade of chocolate bean to bar from processed.

We ultimately believe that life should be fun and eating fun, great tasting plant-based foods within reason is part of a balanced happy life.

We hunt only high quality, Award-winning, and exceptional single estate cocoa beans worldwide.

We care about the flavour, appearance, aroma, texture with their complex notes of fruity, floral, sweet, vegetal, earthy and forest flow to the fruit that makes his personality knowing who grows the ingrediants, how they are grown and ensuring that the peoplegrowing them are paid a fair price is at the core of our beliefs as chocolate makers.

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We are small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate makers dedicated to bringing you the world’s most authentic, handcrafted, single Estate chocolate. Our distinctive dark chocolate is made in its purest form with only natural ingredients – organic cacao beans, organic cacao butter and organic coconut palm sugar. With each bite, you can taste its divine purity on your palate.


Single Estate
We are passionate about the quality and character of our chocolate. Our farm-to-table approach begins by travelling the world to build relationships with cacao farmers. This allows us to work with only the finest cacao beans containing the most intense and complex flavours. Each cacao bean offers different nuances of flavour making them truly unique.


Our mission is to share the joy and magic of craft chocolate with guests by hosting one-of-a-kind tasting experiences. At our Boutique Laboratory located in the heart of London, we invite you to join us for a rare insight into the exclusive world of bean-to-bar chocolate making. Arrive a guest, leave as a friend.


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Congratulations on the quality of your pastry. Rodrigue Joab is a talented person who has always knows how to sublimate chocolate. Well done my friend!!

Cyrille Pallud

Rodrigue, I had the pleasure of selecting you almost 15 years ago in order to work, at the time in my team and I am delighted. I note that your sense of effort and your taste for a well-done job always takes you always further. I can't wait to discover your new chocolate collection!

Virginie Viger

Rodrigue had developed a great love for pastry since his youth in his native island Guadeloupe. He has worked hard to improve his technical Formation qualities. Associate with his sensitivity, these qualities of a rigorous worker lead to fine and tasty products. You will discover a new vegan chocolate.

Fabrice Same

Rodrigue has embarked on a path that combines taste, balance, sweetness and originality. This range of products is the result of long research, from the selection of suppliers to the best recipe. What a great success! I became a fan.

Sabine Bahroun

I had the opportunity to meet chef Rodrigue Joab during a culinary trip to Haiti. As a chef and advocate for delicious and healthy cooking, I was immediately taken by his work, which is both decadent and healthy.Chef Joab’s mastery of his craft transpires through each of his creations.




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