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French-born Pastry Chef Rodrigue Joab has an impressive array of experience, including owner, founder, director, and chocolate maker of the “Patisserie-Conseil Ltd”. Joab started to study Hotel Catering management until he reached degree level, he then became passionate about Pastry. After studying all the repertoire of pastry alongside Patrick Larchevêque, he was honored with distinction with a Superior Master of Pastry (Brevet de Maîtrise Superieur En Pâtisserie) at Institut National de Boulangerie Patisserie in Rouen France.

The Director Manager of Ferrandi Paris (The French School of Culinary Arts) was determined to have him in his Institute to become a Lecturer in Pastry in his establishment. He was responsible for trained international students with an intensive program in Pastry for adults with the best techniques.

There he teaches and helped students to accomplish their goals in Pastry art techniques.

Before working with the renowned school Ferrandi, he was working with the top chefs in different high standard pastry schools, luxury patisseries shops, five-star hotels, and restaurants.

With his knowledge, he decided to venture in the United Kingdom where he created “Patisserie-Conseil Limited” in London. Now he gives teaches the method of baking Pastry to highly qualified international Pastry Chefs as well as members of the community. Chef Rodrigue runs workshops for tasting, exhibitions, coaching, and consultation. Some of his ideas are to meets the client’s requirements to produce professional art and to encourage them in the industry.

As part of his nature, he gives time to vulnerable people by sharing his knowledge.

Thank you to my mother, Mrs. Franciane Joab Louis


About Us

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Patisserie-Conseil is one of the very few 100% plant-based laboratory which makes craft organic bean-to-bar chocolate, starting from the cocoa bean through to the finished product. Throughout the process, we take special steps to ensure that the premium chocolate delivers our signature, intense, smooth-melting taste.

The uniqueness of our product is due to the fact that we make custom made natural chocolate containing less sugar, complementing a healthy lifestyle and well-being, with variations and flavours depending on consumer preferences.

Intensive quality assurance in the selection of premium cocoa beans means that we accept only the highest quality of cocoa beans.

To ensure the company’s signature flavour is consistently maintained in all our chocolate products we meticulously control every part of the process. We assort the cocoa beans according to their size to ensure that in the later stages of making the chocolate, the beans will be roasted equally as this is one of the most important parts in assuring the taste which meets our expectations.

Because the nibs are fairly uniform in size, we have more control over the temperature and time, so we can get a more specific flavour.

Finally, we use an intensive refining process to ensure that our chocolate truly melts in your mouth!