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Karib' Info Magazine talks about Patisserie Conseil


Rodrigue Joab, chocolate alchemist: "London is the school of rigor"

Guadeloupean Rodrigue Joab, based in London, has been praised five times for the quality of his chocolate. Fruit of long years of research, resulting from the selection of the best cocoas in the world, the vegan chocolate of Rodrigue Joab was conceived for all the tastes: food intolerant, diabetics… can be tempted.

When you savor a piece of chocolate made by Rodrigue Joab, you live a unique taste experience. The fruit of a sumptuous equation between the natural bitterness of cocoa and the slight sweet note that we seek in chocolate. 

“The chocolate I got from the suppliers was unsatisfactory,” says Rodrigue Joab. Either it had traces of dairy products or it was very sweet, therefore had no taste… I decided to make my own chocolate which would be the basis of my future products."

"We have no right to make mistakes"

Like many enthusiasts, Rodrigue Joab has made time his best ally. He does not hesitate to cut his nights short for the needs of his work! “London is a school. Guadeloupe gave birth to me, France educated me and London educated me, summarizes Rodrigue Joab. London is a machine. In my field, there is no room for error. You have to be serious about what you do. People often take away the first impression. It's important to know where we are going, what we want and who we are. From there, we can surpass ourselves, fight to achieve our goal. "

Originally from Le Gosier (Guadeloupe),Rodrigue Joab was fed generous family Sunday breakfasts, his parents working in the kitchen. A path that he began to follow before turning to pastry. “I found the kitchen too monotonous: I wanted to create, to make artistic pieces."


Exceptional cocoa

Former teacher at the Ferrandi school (Paris),Rodrigue Joab decides one day in 2012 to go to London to learn English and "do something special, out of the ordinary."

For once, he excelled in his project to design a chocolate that can be enjoyed by those who suffer from allergies, by diabetics, vegans… and without preservatives. 

This equation, Rodrigue Joab succeeded in solving it in the same product. A high-end chocolate made with exceptional cocoa from which Rodrigue Joab draws the best. 

“I choose the best cocoa from each country, from estates, grown without fertilizer. From Peru, I receive an exceptional white cocoa. It tastes like lemon, passion fruit and caramel at the same time."



The United States, Canada, China and many other countries have already succumbed to Rodrigue Joab's chocolate, designed in his boutique-laboratory in London. What is missing from the Guadeloupe chocolate maker who now collects trophies? May his compatriots discover and share his exceptional chocolate. With Brexit, it's time to order. Try it, you will see!

Cecilia Larney


Five times awarded

Boss of pastry-making advice in London, Rodrigue Joab was first winner of three awards this year: the Best Of Organic Market Awards, the prize for the best artisanal company producing organic chocolate, the International bronze Award for chocolate (seasoned category ) 2021.

A great recognition for the Guadeloupe with a course punctuated by a constant commitment to his work. “This award is one of the most highly rated certifications in the world ,” comments Rodrigue Joab. 

“Some people fight for years to get it and they just can't. I am all the more happy that in the final, I was up against some strong competitors! I really struggled to give something exceptional. This award is a springboard for developing my customers and my products."

Since then, outside of his adopted land, Rodrigue Joab has seduced with his chocolate, especially in Mexico (International Organic Award 2021 Gold),and Brazil (International Organic Award 2021 Gold).

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